lørdag 12.04 - 2014

Solidarity Fund for Political Prisoners - Støttebar

kl. 21:00 - Entré Donation



The neoliberal measures taken throughout Europe have revealed the true face of capitalism. When in crisis, capitalism leaves no space for working rights, equal rights or freedom. All this is sacrificed for the maximization of profits and the political/economical domination of the upper-class elites. When people react as they have done so numerous times in Greece, they are opposed by the forces of the state's repression. Police violence against demonstrators, torture of detainees and murders of prisoners have become commonplace. Since 2009 hundreds of people have been unjustly detained and still are, many of them without charges, waiting for their trial in prison cells. The costs for the legal fees are high and the increasing unemployment and poverty is making the social movements' ability to defend itself even worse. Everybody could be in their shoes. But they are not alone! From Copenhagen we are expressing our solidarity not with abstract words but with actions!

On Saturday (12/4) we are having a party to support our imprisoned comrades and the money we make will be sent to the Solidarity Fund for Political Prisoners.

Drum and Bass music all night!

Cheap drinks at the bar.