lørdag 14.04 - 2018


kl. 13:00 - Entré Free / Gratis



Celebration of creativity, handcrafts, art, design & D.I.Y.


Creative Market brings together a community of creative people and gives an opportunity to find inspiration and different unique pieces - art works, jewellery, independent publications, sewn items, screen printed products, illustrations, ceramics and much more!
There is also going to be workshops, plant-swapping and art exhibitions. More info to follow!

Coffee & cold beverages will be available.

Table revervations / Exhibitions
If you wish to exhibit your work, make an installation or sell your designs, write an e-mail to creativemarket.nv@gmail.com, with a short description of your work, couple of pictures and your contact details (name, tlf.number, e-mail). Deadline to apply is 21.03.2018. We have a limited amount of tables, so first come, first served!
Having a table at the event is free.
Mark the date to your calendar!


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